100% Vegan
Hot & Spicy         Means items can be made gluten free
please remind your server that you want the item gluten free

Lunch Specials

Monday to Friday until 3:00 pm, Exclude Holidays
All served with brown rice, miso soup and spring roll. L13 and L14 served without rice

L1. Black Pepper Seitan 9.00
L2. Mango Soy Protein 9.00
L3. Sweet-Citrus Soy Protein 9.00
L4. Malaysian Curry Stew 9.00
L5. Basil Soy Protein 9.00
L6. Smoked Teriyaki Seitan 9.00
L7. Sweet and Sour Sesame Soy Protein 9.00
L8. General Tso's Soy Protein 9.00
L9. Orange Flavored Seitan 9.00
L10. Tofu Delight 9.00
L11. Eggplant String Beans 9.00
L12. Steamed Assorted Vegetables 9.00
L13. Stir-Fried Udon or Soba (noodles) 9.00
L14. Singapore Style Rice Noodle 9.00


A1. Spring Rolls (4)
Crispy rolls filled with cabbage, mushroom, carrot and celery
A2. Summer Rolls (2)
Vietnamese style raw roll with shredded cucumber, carrot, lettuce rice noodle, red pepper, basil leave and cilantro with hoisin sauce
A3. Edamame
Fresh soy beans steamed in the pot and sprinkled with sea salt
A4. Age-Tofu
Japanese style deep fried bean curd with tempura sauce
A5. Sweet Yam Fries
Crispy and sweet potato
A6. Tempura Vegetables
Tempura fried broccoli, eggplant, and string bean
A7. Crispy Soy Nuggets
Breaded and deep fried soy protein nuggets, served with plum sauce
A8. Vegetable Dumplings (6)
Steamed or pan-fried, served with spicy garlic sauce
A9. Soy Skewers (2)
Marinated soy protein grilled with bell pepper and onion.
A10. Scallion Pancake
Pan fried vegetarian pancake with bits of scallions, topped with homemade mango salsa and hoisin sauce
A11. King-Oyster Mushrooms
Batter dipped spicy king-oyster mushroom, sauteed with salt pepper, scallion and diced bell-pepper
A12. Curry Samosas (6)
Indian-style vegetable pastries with mint chutney dip sauce
A13. Grilled Eggplant
with miso sauce, topped with sesame seaweed seasoning
A14. Autumn Rolls
Shredded vegetables, enoki mushrooms, bamboo shoots wrapped in delicate soy bean sheets and deep fried, served with spicy sauce.
A15. Fried Donuts (5)
With apple cream sauce
A16. Kimchee
Spicy Korean style cabbage with cilantro
A17. Roll Sampler
Spring roll, summer roll and autumn roll, served with special sauce
A18. B.B.Q Seitan
Grilled seitan with bbq sauce
A19. Soy Fingers
Breaded deep fried soy protein strips, served with sweet cilantro sauce


S1. Miso Mushroom Soup
with mushroom, seaweed, tofu and scallions
S2. Lemongrass Hot & Sour Soup
with silken tofu, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and shredded vegetables
S3. Potato Soup
potatoes, carrots, scallions and celery


S4. House Green Salad
Fresh mixed greens and cucumber served with ginger dressing
(S)4.00 (L)7.00
S5. Avocado Salad
Sliced avocado and mixed greens served with ginger dressing
(S)6.00 (L)8.00
S6. Spinach Salad
Baby spinach, almond and chick peas served with yuzu dressing.
(S)5.00 (L)8.00
S7. Mango Salad
Sliced mango, mixed greens, asparagus and peppers served with mango dressing
(S)6.00 (L)8.00
S8. Seaweed Salad
Japanese-style marinated seaweed
(S)5.00 (L)8.00
S9. Soy Protein Salad
Thin-sliced soy protein, almonds, pine nuts and mixed greens served with peanut sesame dressing
(S)6.00 (L)9.00

Noodles and Rice

N1. Udon or Soba Noodle Soup
Japanese thick whole-wheat udon or thin green tea soba with firm tofu, seaweed, spinach, carrots and mushrooms in miso soup
N2. Stir-Fried Udon or Soba
Japanese style whole-wheat udon or thin green tea soba with carrots, celery and shredded vegetable stir-fried with firm tofu
N3. Curry Veggie Noodle Soup
Slow-cooked curry with soy protein, broccoli, carrot, potato and rice noodle in the soup
N4. Singapore Style Rice Noodle
Curry sauteed angel-hair rice noodle with celery, carrots, bean sprout and firm tofu
N5. Korean Style Clear Noodle
Sweet potato noodle with spinach, thin-sliced soy protein, scallions, mushrooms and bell peppers
N6. Bangkok Pineapple Fried Rice
Brown Rice, Fresh pineapple, soy protein, raisin, lettuce and spinach topped with sliced avocado and seeds
N7. Cold Noodle
Cold green-tea noodle tossed with peanut sesame sauce, scallions and sesame seeds
N8. Kimchee Yaki Udon
Spicy Korean style kimchee stir-fried with Whole-wheat udon and shredded vegetables
N9. Pad-Thai
Traditional thai noodle in a light spicy sweet sauce stir-fried with firm tofu, scallions and bean sprout topped with crushed peanuts
N10. Bi-Bim Bap (with miso soup) (cold)
Korean-style rice bowl topped with seitan, avocado, seaweed, chick peas, spinach, mango salsa and kimchee, served with peanut sauce
N11. Veggie Fun Macro Bowl (with miso soup)
Steamed chick peas, seaweed, soft tofu, broccoli, kale, carrot over brown rice, served with mint chutney sauce
N12. Seitan Lo Mein
Carrots, cabbage, scallion, celery and bean sprout
N13. Vegetable Fried Rice
White rice cooked with carrots, onions, scallions and potatoes over steamed broccoli and kale
N14. Hot and Spicy Noodle Soup
Clear sweet potato noodles with mushrooms, pickle, bamboo shoots, bean sprout, black fungus and kale

Main Courses

Served with brown rice and choice of miso soup or green salad.
M13 and M15 served without rice

M1. Black Pepper Seitan
Thin-sliced wheat protein sauteed in a savory black pepper brown sauce over kale
M2. Mango Soy Protein
Sliced soy protein with mango, zucchini, asparagus, and peppers in mango sauce
M3. Sweet-Citrus Soy Protein
Marinated soy protein in a sweet and tangy citrus sauce topped with almonds over kale
M4. Malaysian Curry Stew
Slow-cooked yellow curry with soy protein, broccoli, carrots and potato
M5. Basil Soy Protein
Tender sliced soy protein sauteed in basil sauce with zucchini, asparagus and peppers
M6. Smoked Teriyaki Seitan
Sliced smoked wheat protein in teriyaki sauce over string beans with seaweed sesame seasoning
M7. Sweet and Sour Sesame Soy Protein
Lightly battered fried soy protein, broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple and peppers in sweet and sour sauce
M8. General Tso's Soy Protein
Breaded medallions of soy protein in spicy General Tso's flavor sauce over broccoli
M9. Orange Flavored Seitan
Breaded medallions of wheat protein in spicy orange flavored sauce over broccoli
M10. Kung Pao Eggplant
Eggplant, tofu, asparagus and peppers in black bean sauce, with peanuts on top
M11. Tofu Delight
Organic firm tofu, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, lotus root, asparagus and cauliflower in brown sauce
M12. Eggplant String Beans
Sauteed eggplant in spicy garlic sauce over string beans
M13. Moo-Shu Fantasia (4 wrappers)
Shredded green cabbage, carrots, shiitake mushrooms and scallions in hoisin sauce
M14. Mushroom Seitan
Thin-sliced wheat protein sauteed in savory brown sauce with mushrooms and carrots
M15. Lettuce Wraps (4)
Diced vegetable, shiitake mushrooms, peppers, carrots, onions and celery topped with pine nuts
M16. Tofu Teriyaki Sizzling Platter
Organic firm tofu, broccoli, bean sprouts and onion in teriyaki sauce
M17. Soy Cutlet Sizzling Platter
Breaded soy cutlet sauteed in black bean sauce with broccoli, onions, bamboo shoots and carrots
M18. Sesame Tofu
Deep fried firm tofu with General Tso's sauce, over steamed mixed vegetables
M19. Steamed Assorted Vegetables
Broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini, string beans and lotus root with brown sauce on the side
M20. Seitan Spare Ribs
Grilled shredded seitan with barbecue sauce over string beans
M21. Peking Style Seitan (4 wrappers)
Smoked sliced seitan, fresh pineapple and scallions served with pancakes on the side

Organic Blended Hot Teas

Caffeine Free
Egyptian Mint Tea
Green tea, pepper mint and stevia leaf
Peach Ginger Tea
Black tea from Ceylon, ginger root and peach flavor
Coconut Chai
Sri Lankan black tea, cinnamon, ginger root, clove, cardamom and orange peel, naturally extracted
Raspberry Earl Tea
Ceylon & Indian black tea, with Italian bergamot, freeze-dried raspberries & organic raspberry flavor.
Grand Green Tea
Japanese Sencha green tea, Italian bergamot essential oil, organic Valencia orange peel, organic Indian ginger root, Bulgarian roses.
Genmai Cha
Japanese brown rice, green tea
Fire Light Chai
Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom pods, whole cloves, Valencia orange peels, nutmeg, & black pepper.
Acai Berry
Rooibos, hibiscus, rosehips, lemon grass, acai berries, licorice root, orange peel
Hot Coffee 3.00

Homemade Iced-Drinks

Fresh Lemonade 3.00
Fresh Ginger Ale 3.00
Passion Fruit Soda 3.00
Iced Green Tea
(sweetened or unsweetened)
Iced Mint Tea
(sweetened or unsweetened)
Thai Iced-Tea 3.00
Thai Iced-Coffee 3.00
Shirley Temple 3.00
Lychee Soda 3.00
Mint Lemonade 4.00
Passion Fruit Lemonade 4.00
Virgin Mojito 4.00
Mango Green Tea 4.00
Soy Milk Tea
Choice of mango, lychee, lemon or passion fruit


Free Refills
Coke 3.00
Diet Coke 3.00
Sprite 3.00
Club Soda 3.00


D1. Chocolate Cake
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, strawberry syrup on top
D2. Brown Rice Pudding
Slow cooked in coconut milk with raisins, fresh pineapple, mango and vanilla topped with almond
D3. Banana Spring Rolls
2 warm and crispy banana rolls served with chocolate soy ice cream.
D4. Fried Ice Cream (Vanilla) 5.00
D5. Sundae & Fruit
Vanilla soy ice cream with mango pulp, topped with fresh fruit.
D6. Ice Cream
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint chips

Side Orders

O1. Steamed Greens 6.00
O1. Steamed Vegetables 6.00
O1. Steamed Broccoli 5.00
O1. Brown Rice 2.00

Catering Menu


Spring Roll (30) 30.00
Summer Roll (20) 45.00
Edamame 35.00
Age Tofu (40-50) 35.00
Sweet Yam Fries 45.00
Tempura Vegetables 35.00
Crispy Soy Nuggets (35) 35.00
Vegetable Dumplings (35) 35.00
Soy Skewers (12) 30.00
Scallion Pancakes 35.00
King-Oyster Mushrooms (60) 45.00
Curry Samosas (35) 35.00
Grilled Eggplant (20) 30.00
Autumn Rolls (35) 35.00
B.B.Q. Seitan (20) 30.00
Soy Fingers (40) 30.00

Soup and Salad

Miso Mushroom Soup (qt) 6.00
Lemongrass Hot & Sour Soup (qt) 8.00
House Salad 40.00
Avocado Salad 45.00
Spinach Salad 45.00
Mango Salad 45.00
Soy Protein Salad 45.00

Noodles & Rice

Stir-Fried Udon or Soba 50.00
Singapore Style Rice Noodle 50.00
Korean Style Stir-Fried Clear Noodle 50.00
Bangkok Pineapple Fried Rice 50.00
Pad-Thai 50.00
Cold Noodles 45.00
Seitan Lo Mein 50.00
Vegetable Fried Rice 45.00
Kimchee Yaki Udon 50.00

Main Course

Black Pepper Seitan 65.00
Mango Soy Protein 60.00
Sweet-Citrus Soy Protein 60.00
Malaysian Curry Stew 60.00
Basil Soy Protein 60.00
Seitan Spare Ribs 65.00
Sweet and Sour Sesame Soy Protein 60.00
General Tso's Soy Protein 65.00
Kung Pao Eggplant 65.00
Orange Seitan 65.00
Tofu Delight 50.00
Eggplant String Beans 50.00
Moo-Shu Fantasia 55.00
Mushroom Seitan 65.00
Lettuce Wraps 60.00
Tofu Teriyaki Sizzling Platter 60.00
Soy Cutlet Sizzling Platter 65.00
Steamed Assorted Vegetables 50.00
Sesame Tofu 60.00